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The Young Justice Girls Cameos in Scooby-Doo! Wrestlemania Mystery

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  • Question: Do you support traught? - superangelkitty
  • Answer:

    fuckyeahyj only really deals with the show

    if you ship that’s fine but it’s not really content we do

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Sorry, I sort of gave up halfway through :/

But in other news I’M SEEING IMAGINE DRAGONS TOMORROW. So there’s that.

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I want this for my life.

Although I’m more of a Green Arrow man myself.

(What can I say. Blondes.)

Someone help me make this happen for my life…

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Made this, ‘cause I just thought it had to be made.

  • Question: are kid flash and artemis still in young justice invasion? because i watched the first episode and they weren't in it and now im too depressed to find out if they are ): they were my absolute favourites! - hisaako
  • Answer:

    Yes they are! Wally and Artemis are both in college, having retired from the super hero game…For now.


Young Justice Wikia: Jesse McCartney Talks “Young Justice”


CBR News: Robin is obviously one of the most recognizable superheroes in all of comicdom, but what was your familiarity with the character before you answered the call to play the Boy Wonder on “Young Justice”?

Jesse McCartney: I was big cartoon fan when I was a kid and watched all of the…

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“Hoodies and Headphones.”

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I’m about two episodes behind on Young Justice.

I’m pretty sure you all miss the gifs, so any requests?